Human Trafficking strategy

International Victims of Human Trafficking are more unlikely to contact authorities and look for support

FCJ Refugee Centre is commending Ontario Government’s efforts to end human trafficking in the Province. The announced investment of a $72 million budget in an anti-human trafficking strategy which includes raising public-awareness and improving survivor’s access to services, is encouraging and demonstrates provincial commitment to ultimately tackle the issues that encompass this complex crime.

“The announced strategy is long waited within the service providing organizations and their allies. It is certainly a step in the right direction” says Loly Rico Co-Director of FCJ Refugee Centre. “We are looking forward to hear the details of the announced strategy and hope that it will take into consideration the recommendations of all stakeholders who participated in the preceded community consultations. In particular, that provincial efforts will be equally focused on ending labour trafficking and supporting internationally trafficked persons.”

The province of Ontario is receiving the vast majority of immigrants, as well as “the highest number of migrant workers in all of Canada.  “International victims of human trafficking, including domestic workers and those working in the hospitality industry, are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse given the multiple intersectionalities of their identities such as immigration status, language barriers, experience with authorities in their countries of origin and so on. Therefore, they are more unlikely to contact authorities and look for support” says Varka Kalaydzhieva Anti-human Trafficking Coordinator in FCJ Refugee Centre. “These multiple barriers coupled with the lack of awareness in authorities, including police and stakeholders in judicial system, are some of the reasons why Canadian courts are seeing so few human trafficking cases where victims are non-Canadian residents.”

The FCJ Refugee Centre helps uprooted people overcome the challenges of rebuilding their lives in a new society. The Centre offers an integrated model of refugee protection, settlement services and education, including shelter for women and children. The Centre has a mandate to assist refugees and other uprooted people through their settlement process. The Centre offers direct services to internationally trafficked persons, including housing; provides training on human trafficking to service providing organizations and other frontline staff; facilitates the Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network and is a member organization of the Canadian Council for Refugees Steering Committee against human trafficking.

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Human Trafficking RoundTable

FCJ Refugee Centre and East Metro Youth Services have embarked in a short term project funded by Justice Department and related with this year’s victim awareness week. Briefly, we are hosting few focus groups with survivors of human trafficking to ask them about their experience with services they received or lack of such in their path to recovery. Their input will inform better our work and help to improve the response model we have developed. On June 1st, we would like to share with you the results of the focus groups and the have discussion on how to proceed further.

Date: June 1st, 2016
Time: 10am-1pm
Venue: 160 Jarvis Str., Harbour Light Ministry (Salvation Army)

Fill free to invite colleagues from partner agencies who you think will benefit from the meeting and will add to the discussion that will follow.
Registration will be on first-come first-serve basis given that spaces are limited.
Please, send me an email to confirm participation.
If you have any questions, you know that I will be happy to try to answer them.
Hope to see you soon and meet the new members.
Any additional information please contact:

Varka Kalaydzhieva
Anti – Human Trafficking Project Coordinator
416-4699754 ext 228


Forum: Building Community Support for LGBTQ+ People in Forced Labor (aka Human Trafficking)

Save the date! April 28

FCJ Refugee Centre is organizing the  Forum:
Building Community Support for LGBTQ+ People in Forced Labor (aka Human Trafficking)

Join FCJ Refugee Centre and other organizations to a forum to increase the dialogue around forced labor/human trafficking as it affects members of the LGBTQ+ Community both locally and globally.
The Forum aims to bring together key stakeholders to identify issues within this unique intersection and work collaboratively to begin to fill in service gaps.




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Contact information: Varka Kalaydzhieva
E mail:


Human Trafficking and Youth Forum April 12

 Addressing intersectionality and igniting change

FCJ Refugee Centre is organizing a one day forum to bring together multiple stakeholders including refugee and immigrant youth, youth workers, other field professionals and allies to participate in discussions around how multiple forms of human trafficking affect both domestic and migrant youth populations.

Unfortunately, youth are under-represented in dialogues around human trafficking, and intersecting elements of their identities compound vulnerabilities for these populations. As such, the outcomes of this forum are:

1) To engage youth in the discussion of human trafficking and ensure they have a voice through any response mechanisms; and

2) To strengthen and develop networks of support for youth that are victims and/or survivors of human trafficking.

Registration fee: $10.00
Lunch and light refreshments will be provided
Subsidies are available
Registration payment options:
-By cheque or cash: pay at the door

Contact information:
Varka Kalaydzhieva:  416-469-9754416-469-9754 ext.226
Destin, 416-469-9754416-469-9754  ext.228

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Second Roundtable on February 20

Join the members of the Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network and prominent experts to continue the dialogue on human trafficking and discuss the elements of the Toronto anti-human trafficking response model.


             Establish and foster relations between multi‐sector stakeholders,
             Continue to develop anti-human trafficking response model corresponding to the particularities of Toronto area

For more information contact Varka Kalaydzhieva, Anti-Human Trafficking Project Coordinator at FCJ Refugee Centre:

Phone number : 416-469-9754  ext 226


Round Table

Press Release: Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network

 Toronto, 10th October, 2013

 City management, Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network, police, human trafficking survivors, community agencies from multiple sectors will gather on the 28th and 29th of October, 2013 for the first in a series of roundtables “Building Collaboration to Combat Human Trafficking in the City of Toronto”.

 The event is organized by the Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network comprising of organisations and individuals working towards the elimination of the crime of human trafficking, while facilitating services and protection to trafficked persons through a holistic approach based on human rights and the needs of each individual.

 These are meetings where participants will roll up their sleeves and share knowledge and expertise to develop common framework to address human trafficking issues pertaining to the city of Toronto. The first roundtable will highlight the current strategies and activities undertaken by diverse stakeholders to address human trafficking and the existing gaps in services and protection for trafficked persons. Working group discussions will set the beginning of a response model and protocol to holistically address the complex needs of trafficked persons. The initial roundtable will be followed by two subsequent meetings throughout next year to complete the initiated work.  

 Councillor Paula Fletcher and Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tom will be present along with survivors of human trafficking who will reflect on their experience while in a situation of trafficking and the road to recovery.        


 The roundtable will take place at the Toronto Harbour Light Ministries, 160 Jarvis St. (at Queen St.) from 9:00 am to 5:00pm.

 Members of the media and the public are invited to attend this informative event.

To accommodate individual media requirements, please contact:

Varka Kalaydzhieva
Anti-Human Trafficking Project Coordinator
Phone: 4699754 ext.226

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Anti-human trafficking roundtables: Oct 28-29

The Roundtables series carried out over several months to facilitate the dialogue between multi-sector stakeholders to address the issue of human trafficking in the City of Toronto. The series will begin with an extended roundtable conference that will bring together multi-sector stakeholders to initiate dialogue and begin to develop protocols and promising practices to offer services and protection tailored to the needs of trafficked persons. The initial roundtable will be followed by two subsequent meetings, to work through longer-term goals, new developments and unforeseen challenges.


  • Establish and foster relations between multi-sector stakeholders;
  • Develop model for response and collect promising practices in delivering services and protection to trafficked persons corresponding to the particularities of Toronto area;
  • Initiate policy development on city and provincial level.

 Roundtable One

Day one
Series of panel presentations by multi-sector stakeholders who dedicate their work to counter human trafficking followed by a discussion.

Day two
Working group discussions to initiate a dialogue on policy development and set the stage for the following meetings to work through longer-term goals, new developments and unforeseen challenges.

SPACES ARE LIMITED! Register by sending email at with your name indicating if attending both days.
If attending only one day please SPECIFY WHICH DAY (for catering purposes).

Payment method:
CREDIT CARD go to Eventbrite ($10+$1.59 on line fee):
CASH or CHECK pay at the door

Lunch will be provided
(Subsidies are available for people who cannot pay the registration fee.)

For more information contact:
Varka Kalaydzhieva at 416-469-9754,ext.222 or


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