New Canada Recovery Benefits: Who can Apply and What to Expect Nov 12

During this session you can learn about the Canada Recovery Benefits and how it works.
Facilitators from Canada Revenue Agency will provide an overview on The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit, Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit, Canada Recovery Benefit, how to apply and how to get the benefits.
This will be an excellent opportunity to answer your questions about the CRSB

Date: November 12, 2020
Time: from 10:30 to 11:30 am



Day of the Dead: honoring the lives of migrants that have passed away in Canada and around the world

Day of the Dead Celebration for #StatusforAll 

Celebración del Día de Muertos por #Estatusparatodos 

1 de noviembre | November 1st

5pm – 8pm

Dufferin Grove Park

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Anti-Human Trafficking Migrant Workers Program of FCJ Refugee Centre, Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, and Migrant Rights Network:

Join us between 5pm and 8pm on Sunday, November 1st at Dufferin Grove Park to honour the lives of migrants that have passed away in Canada and around the world as a result of COVID-19 and unjust immigration laws.

We will gather to remember and celebrate migrants, refugees, workers, students, and undocumented people that feed, clean, build, care for kids sick and elderly, that are essential to our communities but excluded from status and rights, particularly those that have passed away. We will be there united in our call for full and permanent immigration status.

Day of the Dead is a very important celebration in the latinx community – dating back to Indigenous traditions centuries old. Latinx members of Migrant Workers Alliance for Change will build an altar  to commemorate the lives of the departed, where we wait for their annual visit with their favourite food, music, art, flowers and community.

Everyone is invited to join us on November 1st. Please bring any offerings to remember migrants that lost their lives Canada and for your loved ones.

This is a COVID-19 safe event. We will be physically distant. Wear a mask.


Celebración del Día de Muertos por #Statusparatodos 

Acompáñenos entre las 5:00 p.m. y las 8:00 p.m. El domingo 1 de noviembre en Dufferin Grove Park para honrar las vidas de los migrantes que han fallecido en Canadá y en todo el mundo como resultado del COVID-19 y leyes de inmigración injustas.

Nos reuniremos para recordar y celebrar a los migrantes, refugiados, trabajadores, estudiantes y personas indocumentadas que alimentan, limpian, construyen, cuidan a niños enfermos y ancianos, que son esenciales para nuestras comunidades pero excluidos de estatus y derechos, particularmente aquellos que han fallecido lejos de su tierra. Estaremos allí unidos en nuestro llamado a un estatus migratorio completo y permanente para todos.

El Día de Muertos es una celebración muy importante en la comunidad latinx, que se remonta a las tradiciones Indígenas con siglos de antigüedad. Los miembros latinxs de la Alianza de Trabajadores Migrantes por un Cambio construirán un altar para conmemorar las vidas de los difuntos, donde esperamos su visita anual con comunidad  comida, música, arte y flores favoritas.

Todos están invitados a unirse a nosotros el 1 de noviembre. Por favor traiga cualquier ofrenda para recordar a los migrantes que perdieron la vida en Canadá y para sus seres queridos.

Este es un evento seguro de COVID-19. Mantendremos sana distancia. Use su máscara.




Uprooted U program Registration

We are very excited to launch our new Uprooted U program on Fridays at 2:00 pm

The program is for youth who graduated from High School, and because of their precarious status are not able to do the next steps undergraduate degree or a college program and feeling a bit lost or maybe looking for some avenues for academic participation and inclusion.

This semester (October – December 2020), the program is being facilitated Tyler Correia and Jessica Kohut, two PHD Candidates from York University, and will be held every Friday online through ZOOM from 2:00-3:00 pm.

Once we receive the application form, we will send you  the course outline (syllabus) and the ZOOM link so that you  can join the next class.

In order to register for Uprooted U, please click here to fill out and send the application form.


Access to Education and Fall Programs


Join us and learn about our Access to Education program, the English classes and other unique opportunities for anyone who wants to learn something new:

  • English and conversation classes 
  • Academic experience for youth: uprooted U 
  • Women’s Entrepreneurs initiatives 
  • Community Ceramic Art Class 
  • Meditation and Yoga online 
  • Food Distribution Program 
  • Cooking Class every other Thursday





Join our Uprooted U online

We are very excited to launching our new Uprooted U program on Fridays at 2:00 pm leading by Tyler  Correia.

Classes are held online via Zoom, every Friday at 2 o’clock beginning this Friday October 16th, 2020!

For more information visit the FCJ Refugee Centre Website or contact






Tyler Correia

Tyler Correia is a PhD candidate completing his dissertation at York University’s Social and Political Thought program. His research focuses on the theoretical and philosophical advancements and implications of migration in cities, and how city-based actors respond. Currently, He’s working through the idea of the ‘open city’ to characterize new city-based politics grounded on the unconditional welcome of migrants drawn in part from sanctuary activism and policy, as well as urban political struggles globally – the sans papier movement in France, solidarity cities, migrant rights networks the world over.

Tyler has taught classes in many settings. Beginning early, he led program activities for YMCA youth programs in his hometown, London Ontario. As a teaching assistant at York, Tyler has taught a wide array of classes within the social sciences on topics as diverse as ethics; business and society; globalization/differential globalization and social exclusion in a global context; sociological methods, foundations and philosophy East and West; colonialism, race and gender; labour and economic structures; political philosophy, order, and the state. At the elementary and high school levels, Tyler has taught accredited classes in English and literature (grade 10 university-prep), as well as public speaking and rhetoric (grade 8 after school elective).




Navigating the Refugee Process and Refugee Hearing Orientation Webinar on November 10th

If you are a refugee claimant, this webinar can help you to learn about what is going to happen during your refugee hearing. The conversation will include what to expect at the hearing, key elements to take in consideration during your hearing, what happen after your hearing, etc.

For registration click  here:


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