We continue to remotely offer as many services as possible by phone, e-mail, or any other electronic means available to us. For any inquiries on any issue or situation related to immigration and refugee process, as well as about all our services please either contact us by email or call 416-469-9754.


Our Settlement Programs include temporary shelter for women and children, primary health clinic, women’sprograms, employment help, English classes and workshops. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, we are supporting only by phone (please call 416- 469 97 54) and by email (at info@fcjrefugeecentre.org). We are open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Youth Network

We are here for you during these difficult times! Our weekly drop-ins have moved to GotoMeeting. Every Wednesday, the FCJ Youth Network is meeting virtually to continue supporting one another while we practice physical distance.

Human Trafficking

The Anti-Trafficking and Migrant Workers Mobile Program is active. Connect with us by phone: 416-469-9754, or in WhatsApp: 647-9712153. We are providing remote services to migrant workers in different languages.

Upcoming Events


Status For All March in Ottawa

On July 25, hundreds of migrants and their allies from across the country marched in Ottawa demanding the Federal Government to grant full and permanent immigration status for all migrants.

Employment Opportunity: Anti-Human Trafficking Youth Coordinator

The AHT youth coordinator is tasked with developing and implementing the youth led programming, through an anti-human trafficking lens at the FCJ Refugee Centre. This work directly involves participation and coordination with the centre’s Youth Network, and the Youth Alliance Against Human Trafficking.

FCJ Refugee Centre 30th Anniversary Open House

This year we had a very special Open House, with the launching of our 30th anniversary celebrations, surrounded by friends and supporters. Thank you so much to everyone for making this great journey possible! If you missed it or just want to enjoy it again, here is the video:

COVID-19 Vaccine in Toronto: Pop-Up Clinics Map

You can attend a mobile/pop-up clinic in Toronto and the GTA to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Many of these clinics have special eligibility criteria, including postal code and age. Most pop-up/mobile clinics do not require an appointment and are on a first-come, first serve basis as vaccine supplies last. Pop-up/mobile clinics are delivering either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. Most pop-up…

Employment Opportunity: Anti-Human Trafficking Youth Coordinator

Application deadline: August 6th, 2021
Salary and Hours: 37.5 hours weekly / 20$/hr
Start Date: immediately
(One year contract with a possibility for renewal and extension)

The AHT youth coordinator is tasked with developing and implementing the youth led programming, through an anti-human trafficking lens at the FCJ Refugee Centre. This work directly involves participation and coordination with the centre’s Youth Network, and the Youth Alliance Against Human Trafficking.

The FCJ Youth Network offers positive and inclusive space that works from an anti-oppressive, trauma informed intersectional framework and welcomes anyone regardless of aspect of their identity including their immigration status, race, gender identity, sexual identity, or language abilities. As a youth-led initiative, the group meets weekly to socialize, participate in workshops, and engage in discussions about issues which impact them. In addition to being a space migrant youth to connect with youth who share their lived experiences, the group also provide a platform for migrant youth to be leaders and advocate for their rights.

The Youth Alliance Against HT is a program which provides access to information, resources and wrap-around supports for youth at-risk of and in conditions of human trafficking, and implements a peer-to-peer approach in connecting individuals with lived experiences to inclusive and appropriate resources.  The program conducts a youth-led preventative strategy in providing materials and hosting information sessions with the goal of increasing awareness about the intersectionality of youth and Human Trafficking, and increasing the capacity of service providers to support youth.


  • Develop and lead the Youth Network, and the Youth Alliance Against Human Trafficking program.
  • Provide interpersonal case management through appropriate individualized support, and access to information to vulnerable young precarious migrants, at-risk youth and young survivors of human trafficking.
  • Provide ongoing case management with holistic approach connecting youth to specialized services, working on immigration applications, providing settlement services including access to education, housing and health and advocacy.
  • Provide access to resources through information and guidance to program participants on their rights as migrant youth, as well as labour rights as they related to exploited youth, at-risk youth and youth survivors of human trafficking.
  • Conduct outreach to partner organizations, youth service providers, schools, shelters and other spaces where youth are present about the Youth Alliance program and the FCJ Youth Network.
  • Organize and facilitate bi-monthly steering committee meetings for the Youth Alliance program.
  • Organize and facilitate weekly meetings for the FCJ Youth Network.
  • Facilitate and develop youth social events, activities, outings, and informative workshops for the Youth Alliance program and the FCJ Youth Network. This includes facilitating workshops on Human Trafficking and its related themes, and hosting the weekly FCJ Youth Network meetings.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date client records.
  • Collaborate with the Youth and Anti-Human trafficking teams in writing program tool-kits, reports (including program/service evaluations), and collaborate in the creation of advocacy letters, pamphlets, posters and other promotional material which contributes to advocacy work.
  • Contribute to creating awareness and community building capacity through participating in meetings, representing FCJ in coalitions such CCR, TCHTN among others, and attending training for stake holder organizations and partners, informing on possible different types of issues which affect migrant youth (including human trafficking).
  • Adhere to organization policies including confidentiality, reporting and anti-oppression.


  • Second language capabilities required – fluency in French, Portuguese or Spanish.
    Previous experience writing evaluations, reports and/or tool-kits is required.
  • Experience in working with newcomer youth (immigrant, refugee, or non-status), and providing individual and group supports to marginalized youth.
  • Knowledgeable about community resources.
  • Strong youth engagement skills for program development and delivery is required.
  • Experience working from an intersectional and anti-oppression based framework is required.
  • Adept in public speaking with experience in facilitating workshops, meetings and information sessions.
  • Knowledgeable in media production such as podcasts, videos, and technological expertise in Zoom, Go To Meeting and social media, considered an asset
  • Lived experience with human trafficking and/or migration will be recognized.
    Must be willing and able to work in a flexible environment, and collaborate with other program areas as needed.
  • Must be able to adapt a flexible work arrangement which may include a combination of virtual remote work from home and work in office arrangements. This will be based on organization and program needs as determined by supervisor.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and résumé by email by August 6th 2021 at 5:00 pm to Natasha Rollings: natasha.rollings@fcjrefugeecentre.org. Please send it with the subject line: AHT Youth Coordinator Application.

You are invited to our Open House: Launching our 30th Anniversary Celebration

We have never been more grateful for the community of support than we have in this last year. Because of each of you, we have been able to continue walking with refugees and precarious migrants in one of the most challenging times any of us have ever faced. 

We’re proud to be an organization with holistic, intersectional core values, and each year we see the actualization of different values as the times evolve.  

This year we are celebrating 30 years of welcoming and walking with uprooted people and we want to celebrate it with you. 

You are invited to our open house on June 29th at 4:00 om



After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Vaccin COVID-19 à Toronto: Carte des cliniques mobiles

Vous pouvez vous rendre dans une clinique mobile à Toronto et dans la RGT pour recevoir le vaccin COVID-19.

Beaucoup de ces cliniques ont des critères d’éligibilité spéciaux tels que le code postal et votre âge. La plupart des cliniques mobiles/ pop-up ne nécessitent pas de rendez-vous, elles sont attribuées à leur arrivée.

Les vaccins proposés dans les cliniques mobiles sont Pfizer ou Moderna.

La plupart des sites avec ces cliniques mobiles nécessitent une pièce d’identité (Carte de santé, Permis de conduire, Passeport, Carte d’identité de réfugié, Pièce d’identité avec photo) et une preuve d’adresse/d’emploi/d’école (Facture de services publics, lettre d’emploi, talon de paie, lettre d’un organisme gouvernemental, relevé bancaire, bail, carte d’étudiant).

Il n’est pas nécessaire d’avoir un numéro OHIP. Le vaccin est gratuit.

Les informations et la carte ci-dessus sont fournies par The Vaccine Access Hub, qui est un site Web géré par une équipe de bénévoles sans intérêt commercial, dans le but de consolider les informations à Toronto sur le lancement du vaccin GTA COVID-19 et d'accéder aux vaccins. . L'information sur ce site Web a été obtenue à partir des sites Web des cliniques, des villes, des régions et des gouvernements provinciaux.

Bien que tous les efforts aient été faits pour mettre à jour le site Web, l'exactitude n'est pas garantie. Veuillez confirmer la disponibilité et l'admissibilité avant de prendre un rendez-vous pour la vaccination ou de vous rendre sur un site pop-up sur les vaccins.

Site Web officiel du gouvernement de l'Ontario: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/rendezvous-vaccin/

Vacuna contra la COVID-19 en Toronto: Mapa de clínicas temporales

Usted puede acudir a una clínica móvil/temporal en Toronto y el GTA para recibir la vacuna contra la COVID-19.

Muchas de estas clínicas tienen criterios de elegibilidad especiales, incluyendo el código postal y la edad. La mayoría de las clínicas temporales no requieren cita y funcionan por orden de llegada, hasta que se agotan las vacunas.

Las clínicas temporales están aplicando vacunas de Pfizer o de Moderna.

La mayoría de estas clínicas requieren algún tipo de identificación (tarjeta de salud, licencia de conducir, pasaporte, identificación de refugiado, identificación con foto) y prueba de dirección / empleo / escuela (factura de servicios públicos, carta de empleo, talón de pago, carta de una agencia gubernamental, declaración de un banco, contrato de alquiler, identificación de estudiante).

No es necesario tener un número OHIP (tarjeta de salud de Ontario). La vacuna es gratis.

Tanto la información como el mapa incluidos aquí han sido proporcionados por The Vaccine Access Hub, un sitio web a cargo de un equipo de voluntarios, sin interés comercial, cuyo objetivo es consolidar información sobre la vacunación contra la COVID-19 en Toronto y el GTA, y proporcionar información para ayudar a superar las barreras para acceder a las vacunas contra la COVID-19. La información se obtuvo de los sitios web de clínicas, ciudades, regiones y gobiernos provinciales.

Si bien se ha hecho todo lo posible para actualizar la web, no se garantiza la precisión. Por favor, confirme la elegibilidad directamente usted mismo antes de reservar una cita para vacunarse o acudir a una clínica temporal de vacunación.

Sitio web oficial del gobierno de Ontario: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/book-vaccine/

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