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We welcome anyone asking for advice, counsel and support regarding immigration issues. Learn also about the Canada’s Refugee Process and our Refugee Hearing and Appeal Preparation program.


As part of our Settlement programs we provide temporary shelter for recently arrived women and their children, a primary health care clinic, English classes, and a series of workshops for women.

Youth Network

The FCJ Youth Network is a diverse group of newcomer youth that has welcomed over 80 members in the past year. They share experiences, support one another, and mobilize their knowledge to overcome the challenges that they face.

Human Trafficking

We offer direct services to people who have been trafficked, taking into account the range of supports needed, and walking with survivors through legal processes, immigration procedures, settlement and recovery.


Seeds of Hope

SEEDS OF HOPE: Stories written by FCJ Youth and ALLIES Creating a future in the shadows: A window onto experiences that are so rarely shared, highlighting voices that are too often silenced GET YOUR BOOK FOR ONLY $20.OO  + $5.00 shipping If you want to receive it by mail (the shipping amount might vary if you order more than one …
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From Youth to You

This toolkit was born out of a growing need for youth, and particularly newcomer and precarious migrant youth, to feel more valued and included in various services that they access in the City of Toronto. Youth are often met with challenges when attempting to access services and participate in programs in different areas such as: settlement, education, legal, employment, recreation, …
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Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword

Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword is a report prepared by FCJ Refugee Centre after a delegation from Canadian Council for Refugees visit Bulgaria in June 2014. This visit had variety of goals including better understand the complex situation of Syrian asylum-seekers and refugees in Bulgaria. This understanding was facilitated by interviews with key stakeholders including state agencies, …
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Borderless Voices

Borderless Voices is an open space for anyone who wants to share their story and experiences in Canada. Through this new space, FCJ Refugee Centre is featuring stories of refugees and other voiceless communities. The first segment of this new section is focused on our 25 Anniversary and we are broadcasting short videos of successful stories and experiences from our …
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Dispossession and Exclusion in Our Time: Transforming Our Reality with Monsignor Romero

How Monsignor Romero’s philosophy is still relevant to the defense of human rights and today’s reality in Central America and elsewhere?

FCJ Refugee Centre invites you to celebrate the canonization of Monsignor Oscar Romero.

We are working with other communities in Toronto organizing a series of events across GTA . To check the calendar of  the event click here.

Join us on October 25 Thursday October 25th at 6:00 PM

Church of the Holy Trinity, 19 Trinity Square (Yonge and Dundas)


Keynote speaker: Juan Vicente Chopin, Dean of Faculty of Theology at Don Bosco University in El Salvador

Monsignor Romero spoke out against injustice and brought attention to the underprivileged and the dispossessed. Today we see this type of dispossession through forced migration, and refugees fleeing war, social violence, gangs, poverty, and other factors.  How can Monsignor Romero’s approach help those of us who are working to defend those who are excluded in the present day?


























Juan Vicente Chopin Portillo

Fr. Chopin has been unwavering in his efforts to secure justice in the assassination of Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, on 24 March 1980.  And he is also extremely qualified to speak about the legacy of Monsignor Romero and on how his philosophy can inform our struggle for human rights in the current times. Investigations by the United Nations, and other international bodies have established that the four assassins of Romero were members of a death squad led by Major Roberto D’Aubuisson, founder of the ARENA party.

Fr. Chopin points out that three separate institutions have incriminated D’Aubuisson in the case: the Truth Commission, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and the Vatican Congregation on the Causes of Saints. He has been very active in refuting the claims of the ARENA party that their founder was not in fact the mastermind behind the murder.







Fall 2018 Campaign for the FCJ Refugee Centre!

To help fund its important work, the FCJ Refugee Centre has launched an ambitious Fall fundraising and awareness-raising campaign that includes several ways to support the centre. Please check it out here and join us!

We would like to invite you to help us keep celebrating by donating $25.00 (or more) to ensure our continued commitment to “walking with uprooted people.” 







La Jeunesse A Vous

Cette trousse à outils est née de la nécessité croissante pour les jeunes, en particulier les jeunes immigrants et les jeunes migrants précaires, de se sentir plus valorisés et inclus dans les divers services auxquels ils ont accès dans la ville de Toronto. Les jeunes rencontrent souvent des difficultés lorsqu’ils tentent d’accéder à des services et participent à des programmes dans différents domaines, tels que: établissement, éducation, services juridiques, emploi, loisirs, etc.

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Réfugiés syriens en Bulgarie: Une épée à double tranchant

Réfugiés syriens en Bulgarie: une épée à double tranchant est un rapport préparé par le Centre de réfugiés de la FCJ après la visite d’une délégation du Conseil Canadien pour les Réfugiés en Bulgarie en juin 2014. Cette visite comportait plusieurs objectifs, notamment une meilleure compréhension de la situation complexe des demandeurs d’asile et des réfugiés syriens en Bulgarie. Cette compréhension a été facilitée par des entretiens avec les principales parties prenantes, y compris les organismes publics.

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Les Voix Sans Bordes

Les voix sans bordes, aussi connu par le nom de ’Borderless Voices’ est un espace ouvert pour chaque personne qui souhaite a partager son histoire et ses expériences au Canada. Grâce à ce nouvel espace, le centre de réfugiés de FCJ présente des histoires de réfugiés et d’autres communautés sans voix.

Le premier segment de cette nouvelle section se concentre sur notre 25e anniversaire. Nous diffusons de courtes vidéos d’histoires et d’expériences réussies de nos anciens résidents, clients, bénévoles, amis et employés.

FCJ Refugee Centre Ride For Refugee is here!

Come join the FCJ Refugee Centre teams and ride/walk and help us to help provide services for refugees!  The Ride for Refuge on Saturday, September 29, 2018 is a super-fun, family-friendly fundraiser that supports charities who provide refuge and hope for displaced, vulnerable and exploited people everywhere.


If you want to ride/walk with us or make a donation please follow the link:




You are invited to join a one-day training with Olivia Chow at Ryerson University.

The Safe Third Country Agreement is putting thousands of refugees in the way of harm. This agreement doesn’t have to continue. If we organize, we can end it.

  1. The Institute will deliver a full-day training about how to tell your story to inspire action on social change, and how to plan a strategy with both a theory of change that builds and leverages power, and the most effective possible tactics.


  1. Students will complete the workshop having practiced telling their story, and having received feedback on how to enhance their story. Participants will create a shared organizing statement with clear goals and a realistic timeline to organize to end the Safe Third Country Agreement


Venue:  Ryerson University, (Room Numbers are being confirmed)

Address: 350 Victoria St. Toronto ON

Registration: This is the link:  https://endthesafethirdcountry.eventbrite.ca




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